Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see the visuals. What should I do?

There could be a few reasons why you can’t see any visuals. The first thing to check is that AVTouchBar has the proper permissions to read the audio. You can double check this inside System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Microphone -> Make sure AVTouchBar is in there and has a checkmark. If you denied the audio permission on first launch, the box will be left unchecked and the app will not work. There has also been a few times where the user had to “reset” the permission by clicking the remove the check mark, then rechecking it to giving the permissions again.

If the permissions are set properly, make sure your “create aggregate device” settings are properly configured. In the advanced tab, double check that the settings is the correct one for your selected audio source. In general, you should not create an aggregate for the microphone or Boom3D Audio, but should create an aggregate for Loopback and Soundflower.

AVTouchBar will automatically switch the system input and output to the correct settings. However, if these are changed while AVTouchBar is running, they can freeze the visuals. In this case, please restart AVTouchBar.

If all else fails, please restart AVTouchBar, and then restart your Mac. Often times, this is all it needs to start working again. If you are still having trouble please reach out to me at

How can I use the System Audio?

Out of the box, AVTouchBar does not work with the system audio. For the system audio to work, you need to install a third party audio driver to enable reading the system audio data. This is because Apple does not provide a method to do this natively in MacOS.

To learn how to set this up, please visit: How to setup the system audio section in the documentation.

How can I transfer my License?

Inside the menu bar menu, hover over AVTouchBar, then click “About”. This will bring a popup window with your license information. where you can deactivate your license. Once deactivated, you will be allowed to reactivate that license number on a different computer, completing the transfer.

I lost my lost my license code, what should I do?

The first thing to do is go to your emails and search for “AVTouchBar License”. If the email is lost, you can open the AVTouchBar app, navigate to the menu bar icon, then select “About”. In this window, there is an option to recover a lost license. Follow the instructions in the prompts shown after clicking the button. If this does not work, please reach out to me at for assistance.

The visuals froze, what should I do?

Sometimes when using AVTouchBar,  you might find that the visuals have frozen. This is generally a simple fix – the best thing to try is refreshing the visuals by click the “x” on the touch bar to close the visuals, then re-opening them by clicking the purple touch bar icon.

touch bar x
touch bar icon