AVTouchBar Documentation

Getting Started


1. Download AVTouchBar zip file.

2. Unzip the downloaded zip file.

3. Move AVTouchBar to the Applications Folder.

4. Double click AVTouchBar to open and input your license code.

5. Done!


If you want uninstall AVTouchBar, locate AVTouchBar in Finder, right click and select “move to trash”.

Basic Overview

When you first open AVTouchBar you will be greeted by this window:

AVTouchBar Simple Mode

If you click the drop down menu, you will see a list of all the input devices available to select for use with AVTouchBar.

Audio Selection

To start the visuals, click the visualize button. The first time you click visualize, you will be asked to give audio permissions to AVTouchBar. You need to accept these permissions for AVTouchBar to work.

Audio Permission

To switch the input or output, please use the “Stop” button. This will delete any aggregate audio device that was created and will reset the audio engine to be ready for a different input or output.

AVTouchBar Create and Destroy Aggregate