Keeping the Visuals Open

When AVTouchBar is opened, AVTouchBar’s icon will appear in the control strip on your touch bar.

touch bar icon

Click the purple icon to open the visualizer on the touch bar. This will allow the visuals to stay open while you do other things. To close the visuals, click the “x” on the left side of your touch bar.

touch bar x

When you hide the visuals, AVTouchBar will automatically go into standby mode. This means the visuals will be paused, and AVTouchBar will consume ~1% energy, waiting for the user to initiate the visuals again. Once you click the touch bar button to open the visuals, AVTouchBar will resume animation. This is designed so that you can leave AVTouchBar open and activate it whenever you would like without consuming energy by leaving the program open.

Full Width Touch Bar Visuals

AVTouchBar now supports full width visuals by removing the control strip. To enable full screen mode, open the menu bar menu and click “Toggle Control Strip”. Repeat this step to bring the control strip back.


Alternatively, you can use a global keyboard shortcut, which is currently set to Control + Shift + Z.

In the future we will add touch bar gestures for volume and brightness so you still have the option to adjust while using full screen mode.